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E-learning platforms

E-learning platforms


The Jagiellonian University's remote teaching platforms enable professors and employees to teach students via the Internet and share materials (texts, images, animations, videos). These materials may be produced either within the platforms themselves or using external applications.

Teaching via platforms can include synchronous (chat and video chat) and asynchronous elements (forums, quizzes, surveys, polls).

Moreover, the platforms enable students to test their knowledge and skills using various types of tests and exercises.

The great advantage of this form of teaching is the mobility it offers – using platforms requires only Internet access. The platforms are also unlimited – students can spend any amount of time they want.

The UJ remote learning platforms are based on Moodle open source software.


There are four remote learning platforms at the Jagiellonian University:

Pegaz is a platform designed for conducting remote classes and presenting teaching materials. Each class created in the Dean’s Office USOS system has its equivalent on the Pegaz platform with the same users assigned to it.

Krakus provides additional courses, which are not available in the USOS system, for students of the Jagiellonian University as well as other universities cooperating with the Jagiellonian University.

Jaszczur is a platform for training courses for the staff of the Jagiellonian University (including health and safety training).

The Jagiellonian University without Borders is a platform for open educational resources, providing materials and courses for all interested parties, available free of charge. Some courses offer active participation, in which case users need to register for it.




Dostęp do poszczególnych platform znajdziesz pod adresami:




Uniwersytet Jagielloński bez Granic


Jednostką, która zajmuje się zdalnym nauczaniem akademickim, wspieraniem rozwoju nowych form i metod dydaktycznych na UJ oraz pomocą, kierowaną do wykładowców, w projektowaniu i prowadzeniu zajęć przez Internet jest Centrum Zdalnego Nauczania (Rynek Główny 8, I p.).