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Jagiellonian University Portal

Jagiellonian University Portal


The main website of the Jagiellonian University is, containing information and university-wide news. In addition to the home webpage of the JU, as part of the university portal platform, almost every university unit has its website - faculties, chairs, departments, administration departments and sections. On the Jagiellonian University Portal, there are not only webpages of the Jagiellonian University Senate, faculty councils and disciplines, but also you can find newsletters' webpage, info about conferences,  and other university projects. The webpage you are currently on is also a part of the University Portal platform.

The Jagiellonian University Portal section currently administers 630 active websites with over 620,000 subpages. Over 1,200 employees called site editors are responsible for the content on these webpages.


To become an editor of an active website, all you have to do is undergo training and submit the application form - the same procedures apply when you want to establish a new website. The University Portal Section (ul. Straszewskiego 25/4) provides assistance in this regard. The website contains information and advice for those who want to learn more about the Jagiellonian University Portal and create/run any website of th University units or webiste of projects or conferences.

To find more info you should visit the University Portal Section