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Vacations and leaves

Each employee of the Jagiellonian University has the right to use various forms of leaves and vacations:



As an academic teacher you are entitled to 36 days of annual leave per year.

If you are not employed at the University as an academic teacher (for example as scientific and technical staff), you will be entitled to 20 or 26 vacation days per year, depending on your seniority. Within this limit, you also have the right to take 4 days of leave on demand.


ACADEMIC LEAVE (once every 7 years)

The Rector may grant an academic teacher, who has a degree of PhD or higher, and who worked for at least 7 years at the university, a paid study leave for a total duration not exceeding one year, in order to enable their research and studies.



If you are preparing your doctoral dissertation, you may be granted a paid sabbatical leave of up to 3 months.



On written request, your employer may grant you unpaid leave that does not count towards your seniority.



As an academic teacher, you may apply for an unpaid sabbatical leave.



If you are going abroad for study, teaching or training purposes, you may be granted paid training leave of no more than 30 days. Employees going away for more than 30 days is granted a paid training leave for a period of 30 days and an unpaid training leave for the remainder of the trip. Employees who travel abroad several times a year may be granted paid sabbatical training leave for up to 60 days in total.



Full-time academic teachers, who have worked at the University for at least five years are entitled to a paid health leave; however, the maximum duration of the leave may not exceed six months. Throughout the entire employment, the total period of a health leave may not exceed 2 years.



Every employee has the right to take:

- 2 days of leave – in the event of the employee’s wedding, birth of a child, as well as death and funeral of the employee’s spouse, child, father, mother, stepfather or stepmother;

– 1 day of leave – in the event of a marriage of an employee’s child, as well as death and funeral of their sister, brother, mother-in-law, father-in-law, grandmother, grandfather or any other person who is a dependant of the employee or remains under their direct care.



All employees are entitled to the following parental leaves:

- maternity leave;

- parental leave;

- paternity leave;

- post-maternity leave,

- 2 days’ leave to take care of a healthy child;

- feeding breaks;

These leaves are granted in accordance with the rules laid down in the Labour Code.


You can find out more about leaves and vacations here, as well as at the Human Resources Department (Straszewskiego 27).